Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gobble Gobble

Mike's work has a Thanksgiving potluck every year. I'm always called upon to make something for it. I've made pies in the past, beer bread and other goodies. This year I made gingerbread (a loaf of gingerbread with cool whip to go with it) and turkey cupcakes.

The turkey cupcakes were simple to prepare. I made chocolate cupcakes and frosted them with chocolate frosting. I added an extra spoonful of chocolate frosting toward the "back" of the turkey. 4 candy corn pieces make up the turkey's tail feathers. The "face" of the turkey is a nutter butter cookie, with part of it torn off. I then stuck it in the frosting. The "eyes" are actually candy eyes! I discovered them when I was looking to buy white and black frosting to *make* the eyes. These are even better! You simply stick a little frosting on the back of the eyes and stick them on the cookie. The red part of the turkey is also frosting. And there you go. I did find some adorable cupcake wrappers through swagbucks - they were on

From what Mike says, they were a hit!

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