Sunday, January 1, 2012

A bed fit for a firefighter

So, Mark is 4 and at that age where it's time to move out of the toddler bed. Ever since he realized he would be getting a new bed (and especially after seeing a plastic toddler one at Belles and Beaus), he has been asking for a fire truck bed.

That's not such an easy task, as most custom beds are pricey. And many of the fire fighter themed ones are either geared toward bunk beds or toddler beds.

So I've been searching the web for a few months trying to see what I could do. I lost a few bunk bed "bed tents", on eBay, found lots of inspiration, and tried to figure out how to make one myself. I am semi crafty (I inherited some from my mom- she is awesomely talented, me not so much) so I figured I could do something. Initially I bought a twin size bed frame at a garage sale with the intent of painting it red, and painting the railings silver. And maybe making some "wheels" out of plywood to go alongside it.

Then, mid November, there it was. We had been listing some things on Craigslist to sell them. And occasionally I would look up fire truck or fire fighter. One day, there it was- fire truck loft bed for a 4-5 year old. The downside? It was way beyond my budget.

So, I emailed the seller asking if they had the plans for it, or had any tips for me as I couldn't afford their asking price - but I knew my son would love it so I was going to attempt to make it myself. Unfortunately the gentleman and his next door neighbor had "free handed" it around an Ikea loft bed so there were no plans. He offered to take a little bit off the asking price, but it was still beyond my budget.

A week or two later I saw it was re-listed and still available. I emailed to ask how much it was, and if he could come off the price anymore- as it was both Christmas and Birthday for Mark and I knew he would love it. He mentioned another price, but it was still too high.

A day or so later he emailed me back and mentioned that he saw I sold squeaky shoes. He suggested lowering the price a bit more, and then throwing in two pair of squeaky shoes. A miracle came through, as it was within a workable budget now!

So, Mark got his fire truck bed for his birthday. I was determined that it would be up so he could sleep in it for the new year- and he is! He absolutely loves it.

The nice thing is, it will last him until high school probably. The firetruck is actually plywood wrapped around a bed from Ikea. When he outgrows the fire truck we still have a fully functioning bed. PERFECT! There is a fire station/fort under the loft, and I do believe a certain 4 year old is smitten with his new bed.

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